Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink Cabana Pool Party

My daughter decided to have a pool party this year for her birthday and I found the most adorable invitations and party decor by Lilly Pulitzer...I love Lilly and planning a preppy pink cabana party was WAY too much fun for this MAMA!!
I referred to my 'Essentially Lilly, a guide to colorful entertaining' book for inspiration. It was definitely a Lilly Pulitzer inspired party!! This monkey is wearing a Lilly dress that my daughter wore when she was a baby!
Going with the Lilly theme we decided to use pink and green throughout the party............
We started off the party with a poolside I decided to make mini cabanas on tooth pics to top our sandwiches........
I placed pink hydrangeas on all of the tables and counter tops--they added such perfect round puffs of pink to the party!!
I made cabana tags out of the Cabanarama file folders by Lilly and put them on everything! Here is our pink dolphin ice sculpture...............

I ordered paper parasol umbrellas and fastened them to the back of the chairs to add some shade and more pink of course!

I scattered flamingos in plants throughout our backyard.................
I love these paper pink convertibles that held the cabana striped napkins and the Ice Cream truck filled with cabana striped ice cream cups!
I actually had a pink convertible back in college--I know, shocking... right??

This fabric is a Lilly Pulitzer design that I used as inspiration for the party-- it has monkeys hanging from chandeliers on it! My daughter is such a great gymnast and she started at a young age managing to climb out of her crib when she was only a year old. We had a chandelier in her bedroom that she always used to stare at and I would say that she was dreaming of hanging from it!! She was also born the year of the monkey--so I decided to use monkeys as decor and I made this candy chandelier out of candy necklaces and rock candy.......

We made this tent last year for my daughter's birthday and I was so happy that we were able to use it again-- this year as a cabana!! I added many pillows and blankets to cover our orange cushions and make our backyard as pink as possible!!

My daughter loves shopping.....and her favorite activity at her party last year was the 'posh puppy boutique' were the kids were able to 'shop' for outfits and dress up their puppy--so I decided to turn the cabana into a poolside gift shop where the girls could pick out snacks, sunglasses, towels and treats!
Barnum's Animal cracker packages are designed by Lilly this year--I almost screamed when I spotted them in the store--so perfect!!

I used my daughter's doll house to create a small cabana to hold the cupcakes.
It was such a gorgeous day and perfect weather for snow cones--the girls loved picking out their own flavors!
I made fondant pink cabana cupcake toppers, this was the first time I have made them myself--I can not wait to continue to explore and create with fondant, the possibilities are endless!

It was hard getting the girls out of the pool....but cake and ice cream are always a motivator!!
We had this wooden ring toss game to play by the pool--I love the colors of the fish they matched so perfectly!
More pink backyard decor!
We had pink boxes filled with pink themed books that were perfect for pool side reading and I found these adorable puppets with pink hair that the kids took home along with other party favors from the cabana shop.
We had an amazing day--Happy birthday to my sweet Mandi!!


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