Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beach Glam Party

Oh my goodness--I can not believe it has been three months since my daughter's birthday and I am FINALLY blogging about it! It was featured on HWTM in June-- you can see it here  and I have been seeing it all over Pinterest and then I noticed that it has been pinned over a 1000 times on HWTM alone! I was beyond thrilled to be featured and so overwhelmed by all of the interest in the  here it is and it is a long one so be prepared for a lot of photos.......

I purchased these adorable bags on Etsy and placed the invite inside with seashells and 'diamonds' to get the girls ready for a glamorous beach party! 
I immediately contacted Andrea (Dolce Drive) because I knew she would be the perfect printable designer for this party!! Andrea designed these fabulous printables that matched the party decor perfectly!!
 We chose Black and white cabana stripes to add to the beach theme and we really wanted the party to have an 'old Hollywood' glam feel.

 Blue and black was the perfect color, both complementing the gorgeous ocean and representing 'bling' which is a necessity at a glam party! I filled my old jewelry bags with rhinestone tiaras, pearls and large black sunglasses for all of the girls.

I made the birthday girl a custom crown to wear on her big day!

My sweet son even dressed up and offered tray service to the girls--we filled my jewelry boxes full of candy necklaces, bracelets and rings. The girls loved all of the candy jewelry!
I tied black and white striped ribbon on flip flops for all of the girls to wear  with their glamorous outfits and they were perfect for the hot sand.....
I ordered custom coordinating frosting transfers that we used on the cupcakes and chocolate covered Oreos --yummy.
We dressed Barbies in matching party attire to add to the party decor and  for some beach glam play!
I brought in tables and full linens that were set up on the beach for the girls and they were served on 'silver' platters....
The girls enjoyed dressing up and eating all of the fancy treats on this gorgeous day with the sound waves crashing in the background....
The birthday girl was so happy to have all of her friends join her at her beach glam party--she had all of her favorite things in one place....the beach, fancy clothes, yummy treats and her family and friends!
I designed a tent that my fabulous husband built that served as a place to change into fancy attire and provided shade for the girls to play under...The girls drew pictures in journals and relaxed on a plush rug and fancy pillows.
I covered little beach chairs with coordinating fabric for the girls to lounge in .....
I also found these fabulous cabana striped towels at Pottery Barn Teen!! I was so excited when I found towels in these colors--so perfect. 
We had a variety activities set up for the girls................
I made custom sails that I placed on these sail boats that I found at Michael's!! The girls enjoyed sailing their boats in the tide pools......
There were fancy treats  everywhere-- I could not set up a dessert table so we created one 'to go'! My son was so sweet serving the girls and giving his little sis the VIP treatment on her day.
The weather was perfect and the water was crystal clear! The party got a lot of attention-- we had so many people at the beach stop and talk to us about the party. One person even asked me if it was a photo shoot for Pottery Barn--such a huge compliment!!
I purchased over sized beach balls and the girls had a blast throwing them in the waves  and waiting for them to return...I think they could have done this for hours.......
I had a second to take a pic with the birthday girl before she quickly ran back to join the fun!
The glam girls lounging under mini umbrellas.....
We created a glamorous sand castle building area....including an Eiffel tower!! 
I even found matching hula hoops for the girls to play with on the beach!
The birthday girl had her own glamorous cake on her very special day!! It was so fun going through these photos again. I enjoyed creating every detail of this party and LOVED seeing my daughter and her friends enjoy this beautiful day!

Thank you to The Fabulous Vendors!!
– Party styling, tent, table runner, custom shirts, tutus & fabric crown: Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events
– Printables: Dolce Drive
– Towels: PB Teen
– Glittered dress bags: Vintage Paris Market
– Frosting Cupcake Toppers: Ali’s Sweet Tooth– Wooden sail boat kit: Michael’s
– Photography: Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events 


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