Friday, February 19, 2010

Princess and The Pea

It is girls weekend...the boys are gone and I am trying to think of some things to do with my little 'princess and the pea'...this has been my daughter's nick name since she was a baby....and those of you who know her understand how fitting it really is!
We decided to make princess and the pea treats! We frosted donut bars and used cotton candy for the blanket.....we then used a gum drop for her head and sprinkles for her eyes and lips.... next we rolled out fondant to create her hair. We then used a green jelly bean for the 'pea'.

This was the doll that inspired our treats....Although this is sleeping beauty not the princess and the pea.... someday we may do a slumber party with a princess and the pea/sleeping beauty theme (if I am ever brave enough to throw a slumber party)...I love these topsy turvy dolls by North American Bear Company(they flip over to reveal a new doll/two in one!), they are too cute!
This princess and the pea game is adorable and fun for all ages. I really like Haba products they are very well made.

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