Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shopping Queen Party

I am excited to finally share my daughter's Shopping Queen Party! There are so many details that went into creating a mini mall in our be ready for a lot of photos in this post!!









My daughter loves shopping and her favorite mall is Fashion Island--an outdoor mall in Newport Beach. We decided to create a mini outdoor mall in our own backyard! I created awnings and little booths for five shops. We also had a bakery where my son served the girls drinks and sweets. I had a cake designer create two shopping bag cakes and we also had cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreos and sugar cookies decorated with the 'Shopping Queen' theme.

I purchased a retro toy cash register where the girls 'paid' for their items. We also had an ATM machine for the girls to get their shopping money! I ordered custom pretend credit cards with the girls photos on them as well.

I made invitations with little pop up awnings and my Mom made a cute banner for the 'entrance of the mall'. The girls really felt like they were shopping!


The Shops


The Jewelry Shop

The girls had a variety of bracelets, rings, necklaces to choose from. I purchased velvet neckline displays and had special boxes and bags ready to wrap up their purchases.


The Candy Shop

We chose navy blue and pink for the main colors in the party and I found the perfect HWTM printables for our candy store! I labeled clear jars filled with pink and navy blue colored candy. This store was a favorite--of course!


The Toy Shop

The toy shop was filled with plush animals, dolls and puppets. We even placed mini shopping bags on the plush dolls to match the shopping queen theme!


The Beach Shop

We live near the beach so we thought it would be fun to have a shop filled with 'beach gear'! The beach shop included flip flops, bathing suit covers, tank tops, sunglasses and bags. I embellished many of the items with Lilly Pulitzer fabric to add fun vibrant prints to the beach store items!


The Beauty Shop

The beauty shop was the most popular store! We created a makeup counter filled with a variety of cosmetics including lip gloss, nail polish and nail decals. I found a retro hair dryer that was placed in the beauty shop--the girls loved it. There were many hair products including foam curlers, head band hair extensions, colored hair strips, and headbands. The girls had a blast getting 'fabulous' in the beauty shop!


The Shopping Queen party was a hit and I loved watching the girls have so much fun on their shopping adventure! 






 Shopping cupcake toppers



 Candy label custom printables



 Pretend Credit Cards



 Designer inspired ribbon


Henri Bendel  Food toppers made with Henri Bendil post paper--Things I Want


Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events  Party styling, fabric crowns, table runner, Shopping Queen Shirts and photography


Shopping Bag cakes by Aimee Bolen


Cookies by Mrs. Peasley's Cookies


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