Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hawaii Play

I believe that a lot of a child's processing of a vacation happens after the experience. There is so much to take in during the experience that is important to recall later. We purchased a lei to bring home and remind us of our trip and add to dramatic play.
I found these hand made dolls at a local toy daughter has been using them to sing all of the Hawaiian songs and dances that we learned on our trip!! Aren't they adorable???
We are really big on tradition in our husband and I both vacationed in the the same spot in Kauai as children (funny coincidence) and we bring our children back to the same spot as I was so excited when I found this retro coloring book that both my husband and I remember having as a child!
The book has a lot of Hawaiian words and traditions in it...too cute, I love the characters!!

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