Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Treats

I made this bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries for one of my 'Mommy' friends who deserves a special treat for being such a great mom! I put candy in the bottom of the vase to anchor it down and then filled the vase with edible/candy grass. I placed the strawberries on skewers and then dipped them in melted chocolate topped with flower shaped sprinkles.

Here is a fruit bouquet that I made last spring.........I used flower cookie cutters to make the flowers and then used fresh mint as greenery..............a healthier choice for those moms who may be cutting back on sugar or who are allergic to chocolate like my Mama!


  1. Great idea! I can never think of anything unique to give my mom for Mother's Day, but this might work!

  2. Both are very cute! The fruit bouquet looks delicious!!

  3. Hi, just found your blog. I love the fruit bouquet. I'm wondering though, it's so cute, did anyone have the courage to eat any of it?

  4. Thank you!! These are so much fun to make and eat!!!



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