Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jimmy Buffet Inspired Birthday Celebration

We had a family birthday celebration for my husband over the weekend--we just moved into a new house so this was our first big get together! Our new backyard has tropical landscaping and my husband is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan (he is actually at a Jimmy Buffet concert as I write this post!) we thought it would be fun to host a Jimmy Buffet inspired BBQ!

Going with our Jimmy Buffet theme...we decided to have 'cheese burgers in paradise'. I got my husband a new grill for his birthday and he was excited to break it in!
I made a tropical veggie tray and a fruit arrangement to have with our 'cheeseburgers in paradise'.

We had a few 'boat drinks'.......

I made pillows out of my husband's old Hawaiian shirts to use as decor on the backyard furniture.

I also used Hawaiian shirts to decorate the fence and we used Hawaiian shirt cloth napkins.....
and of course we had a few margaritas in 'Margaritaville'!

My son dressed up as a 'cheeseburger in paradise' for the party he made a great mascot and he also took this close up of the hibiscus behind him in the photo.
Everyone had a great time and we look forward to many more parties in our little backyard paradise!


  1. Super cute!! LOVE the shirt pillows and shirt banner!!

  2. What a great party! The Husband has an aversion to Jimmy Buffet, so I only get to enjoy his music on my own time. I love the unique spin you took with all the shirts...and the hammock on the veggie tray is hilarious!

  3. Love this! What a great idea!

    Shelley @



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