Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas

Here a some appetizer ideas for Super Bowl Sunday! Warning! I am a very creative cook and make up most of my recipes and they vary each time I make them--I have included rough ideas but I do not have actual measurements If you are a cook that needs exact amounts/measurements you may want to run away from this post hee hee!
--with that being it goes...................
Rice and shrimp stacker: I love making stacker/vertical appetizers! I use a pan that is made for mini cheesecakes where the bottom is removable to assist with getting the stackers out in one piece! I made this stacker by placing rice in the pan/form--packing it in tight and then adding soy beans and topped with shrimp. The trick is to let the stacker set in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.......

Tomato stacker: There are many options with a tomato stacker! I used tomato, shredded lettuce and goat cheese--this requires a gentle hand but you do not need to use the cheese cake pan or form for this stacker!

Greek Plate: I create a plate with olives, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes, & hummus--I cut up triangle of pita bread for guests to choose their own greek combo!

Bruschetta: I use small slices of toasted bread and place small cut tomatoes mixed with olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh cut up basil and balsamic vinegar--I place the tomato mixture on the toasted bread right before serving.....this is a winner!!

Mini pizzas: I purchase pre-made pizza dough place small amount on a pan and top with a variety of this photo: mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese spinach...the possibilities are endless!

Cheese stuffed mushrooms: I first remove the stem from the mushrooms and rinse them. I then use softened cream cheese, fresh garlic, sharp cheddar cheese, and parmesan--I mix all of this together and stuff it in the mushroom. I place the mushrooms in the broiler and remove them when the start to bubble and brown--so easy and soo delicious!!

Shrimp bowls: I start by cutting a lemon in half and then I hollow out the lemon to create my bowls. I use bay shrimp to place inside the bowls and place a tooth pic to be used to eat the shrimp....I also have a bowl of cocktail sauce that can be added to the bowl if desired--these are always a BIG hit!

Stuffing, mashed potato stacker: I use a cheesecake pan to make my stackers--but you can use any form you have available ie, a tomato paste can with both ends cut out. I first spay the pan with cooking spray and then firmly pack in the stuffing followed by the mashed potatoes and then top with cranberries. I place the pan in the refrigerator for at least an hour....and then slide out these yummy little stackers!

Phyllo Stackers: Purchase some phyllo dough and cut in squares....the trick is to butter both sides and be as gentle as possible to avoid breaking the dough. Follow the cooking times on the box. The sky is the limit on what to add in between these stackers. In this photo, I created an herb cream cheese with tomatoes......

Happy appetizer making and eating of course!!


  1. totally agree! go vertical! Great ideas! I super love the shrimp/fried rice one!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Beautiful appetizers! I especially love the stuffing and mashed potato stacker and the greek plate!

  3. Thank you (: these are all super easy to make!!

  4. are all recipes ment to be eaten cold when taken out of the fridge or do you reheat?



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