Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prepping for a Pink Cabana Pool Party!

It is getting closer to my daughter's birthday and I am happy to report that we are using the tent again!! I made this tent last year for my daughter's Fancy Nancy party--we used it as a reading tent where the kids read Fancy Nancy books............this year it will serve as a pink cabana because................... we are having a pink cabana pool party!!!
Here are a few sneak peeks of the party decor....I have gone a little cabana crazy with this theme....probably because I love anything pink and preppy!! I have a lot of details that I am excited to share over next couple of weeks--stay tuned!
We are handing out the invites tomorrow with a pink cabana sugar cookie......I have simply gone bananas with pink cabanas!!


  1. OOOOOH!!!!

    LOVING this theme, CAN NOT wait for more details.....keep them coming!!!

  2. Thank you Nichole!!! I am working on a new post to share progress (:

  3. Can't wait for more pics Shawna!!!

    Where did you find the dolls and flamingos?

  4. Hi Nichcole!
    The dolls are made from Manhattan Toy company--they are actually puppets.....I love their pink hair!! I found the flamingos at the Dollar Tree....such a great deal!!

  5. Hi There Shawna I was wondering about the Pink Cadillac Cause I found them but outside of The USA and the Shipping is more than the Product and was wondering if you don't mind sharing if so Thanks In Advance , Pamela

  6. Hi Shawna! I am absolutely IN LOVE with your Pink Cabana! Would you mind sharing how you made it? We are having a Fancy-Nancy Ooh-La-La Spa Day for my little love & the cabana could put their "spa treatments" over the top! Thanks so much!

  7. We made the tent creating a frame with PVC pipes and I measured the fabric around the frame.....I am sorry that I do not have exact dimensions...we just made it up as we went along (:

  8. Thought you would be interested to know I featured your cabana tent on my blog! Beautiful!



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