Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!

To say that I am excited about the upcoming Royal an understatement!!
I am in love with the UK, a good friend of mine moved to London many years ago and I was fortunate enough to visit her a couple of times!!
I have always been drawn to all things British.........and when I was ready to register for my china before my wedding I found the most gorgeous place settings by Wedgwood ....named 'Crown' platinum of course! I remember so many friends and family trying to talk me out of the high priced china explaining that I would not get all of the pieces because of the high ticket price.....but I did not care, I had to have it and decided that I would slowly collect it through the years..........I was very lucky that a family friend moved to London and visited the Wedgwood factory outlet often!! She was able to find the remaining pieces of my china for me and brought them back to the US for me!!

Here is the Tea cup and saucer from my place settings.....I just love it and we had to have them out for our 'royal' tea party!!

I have been wearing my Burberry charm watch that has many British inspired is really getting me in the spirit for the big event!!

We decided it would be fitting to have a tea party and I decided to pull out my travel albums and share my UK visits with my children and discuss all of the history behind this royal event.........
One of my favorite places I went to was The Tower of London which is home to the famous Crown Jewels. I was able to see many of the Crown Jewels that are still used by the royal family today....I can not wait to see what gorgeous jewels the bride wears on her wedding day!!
I visited a jewelry store in the tower of London and purchased these charms with small jewels. I was not married and did not have any children yet-- but I decided to buy a little crown as well to pass on to my own child someday...........I am going to give this crown to my daughter tomorrow so she will always remember this event and her mommy's love for all things royal!!

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